Securing Homes and Businesses on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for over Thirty Years.
Securing Homes and Businesses on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for over Thirty Years.


Security and Fire Protection

Seacoast Security has been protecting businesses and residential homes on the Outer Banks for over thirty years.  We offer solutions for intrusion protection, fire detection, employee theft, access control, and more.  Let us install a customized solution for your protection needs. 





Electrical Installation and Service

Seacoast Electric, our sister company, was founded in 1978, and is is one of the most trusted electrical companies in the community.  Whereas Seacoast Security specializes in low voltage wiring and wireless solutions, Seacoast Electric is there to tackle the heavy duty jobs.  We provide power distribution and wiring for new residential, commercial and industrial installations.  And we are there when you need us for maintenance, service or troubleshooting.



Monitoring every situation. Nationwide. 24x7

We partner with Security Central to provide our customers with 24-hour alarm monitoring services.  Today, Security Central is one of the largest central stations in the country. They currently monitor hundreds of thousands of alarms for over 2000 alarm dealers in all 50 states as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. Security Central has two full time state-of-the-art monitoring facilities, and employs over 150 people.


"Our operators receive the highest level of training from our in-house Security Industry Association (SIA) certified trainer. Our training ensures all of our alarm handling operators are prepared for the rigorous central station environment, and continue to provide courteous and quality services to all of our dealers and their customers.  Regular classes ensure all operators remain well-trained for all situations, and advance with new technologies."


How To Test Your Security System

When Seacoast Security installed your alarm system, or if we converted your monitoring from a previous service provider, we tested all of your system components at that time to insure they were properly communicating to the central station facility.


Phone line failures, lightning or power surges, or a change in phone service (adding DSL or Internet Protocol service) may cause your normally reliable security system to become incapable of doing its job.


Seacoast Security encourages all of our customers to test their systems monthly to insure their system is ready in the event of an emergency.


Here's what you can do to test your system:


1.  Call the 24-hour central monitoring center at (800) 438-4171 and let them know you will be testing your system.  Be prepared to provide them with your name, service address and password.  (Your password is the secret word you provided on your original paperwork that allows the monitoring center to identify you as the account holder.)


2.  Close all doors and protected windows.  Arm your system and allow the delay time to expire.


3.  Activate your alarm like an actual emergency by opening a protected door, pressing your panic or hold-up button, etc.


4.  Allow your sirens (if an audible alarm) to sound for approximately 15 seconds to one minute and then turn off your system.


5.  Call the monitoring center and announce that you are calling to check the test results.  The central station operator will describe the signals received.


6.  Ask the operator to take the system off test.


If for any reason then system did not communicate to the central station monitoring center, please call our service department at (252) 261-6229 and we will arrange for one of our qualified technicians to check your system.

Smoke Alarm Care and Maintenance


Smoke alarms and system smoke detectors are life saving devices that require proper installation and maintenance, and caring for them is rather quick and easy.  Smoke alarms usually fail because of dead or missing batteries, or because they have been disconnected entirely!  Smoke alarms have saved a countless number of lives over the years and should not be taken for granted.  Fires occur more often than most people realize and therefore, it is important to be equipped with functioning smoke alarms.  Smoke alarms require regular cleaning and maintenance to function effectively.  Here are some smoke alarm maintenance tips that will help keep you safe!

Replacing the Batteries

A smoke alarm will usually chirp when the batteries are getting low.  It is best to replace the batteries every year and not to depend on the warning chirps.  A good reminder is to replace them at the same time you change your clocks for daylight savings time.  Some newer smoke alarms have 10-year non-replaceable batteries.

Cleaning Smoke Alarms

Your smoke alarms need to be cleaned at least a couple of times a year.  Use your vacuum cleaner’s long attachment to gently clean over and around your smoke detector.  You want to suck out any dust, insects or cobwebs that may have accumulated causing problems with the smoke alarm sensitivity and could cause false alarms.

Replace Older Smoke Alarms

It is important to realize that your smoke alarms will not last forever.  Even if you take care of them and do everything listed above, household smoke alarms should be replaced every ten years.  A smoke detector’s sensing chamber’s ability to sense the presence of smoke becomes affected over the years due to the accumulation of airborne dust and contaminants.  If you don’t know when the smoke alarm was installed, the date of manufacture should be printed somewhere on the detector.  Ten-year smoke alarms with non-replaceable batteries will also need to be replaced after ten years.

Testing Your Smoke Alarm

Test smoke alarms monthly by simply pressing their “test” button located on the outside of the detector.  If the alarm sounds, everything’s working fine.  If the smoke alarm doesn’t respond to pressing the test button, try replacing the batteries.  Also check that the alarm has not been disconnected if powered from an AC source.  Non-working smoke alarms need to be replaced.


The smoke alarms in your home may be interconnected so that when one sounds, they all will sound.  If so, have someone check the other alarms to make sure they sound while you press the test button.


The test button may also function as a “hush” mode button to stop the alarm from sounding for a limited time if caused by fumes from cooking, steam from a shower, etc.

Other Things to Know

Never paint over a smoke alarm because painting can clog the vents.  Cover smoke alarms when painting or remodeling to prevent the entry of airborne dust and construction debris and contamination of the smoke sensor.


If a smoke detector is located too close to the kitchen or bathroom where cooking fumes and steam can trick it into setting off its alarm, you should consider having it relocated.  If it is a battery only alarm, moving it a few feet away should solve the problem.  Consult an electrician if it is AC powered as electrical wires will need to be relocated.


Smoke alarms should be located on every floor, in every bedroom, and in close proximity of a sleeping room.  Smoke alarms should not be located in garages or attics.  Consider heat detectors for areas not suitable for smoke alarms.


With their proven ability to double your family’s chance of surviving a residential fire, smoke alarms are one of the most valuable fire safety tools on the market.  Make sure yours are up to the task!

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